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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to prevent yourself from getting WEBBED

Hello there, and a very happy new year to all the readers!

These days, there are a lot of chances for a person of becoming a victim of cyber abuse.
Two unknown people come to know each other via internet, may be social networking sites or any other way. Anyway before I intro. this trick, let me tell you one this that this is for educational purposes and I wont be responsible for any illegal act done by you.

This trick can be very helpful if you find yourself or any other person who may get trapped to a person he/she don't know.

So lets begin.....

Lets take an example of Facebook, suppose you are talking to a person on facebook (it is not compulsory that the site is Facebook as you can use this trick on any of the social networking site)
And you want to know about that person. It could happen that the person tells something wrong about him/her or else all the things which he said about himself/herself was fake, what would you do? If the unknown person doesn't seem to be trusted?
Well all to need to know is just his/her info. or anything that is REAL.
But each and everything told by him/her could be fake!!!
So all we gotta do is to TRACE him/her without knowing him/her.

This is how it could be done -:

While chatting with the "UNKNOWN PERSON"

Step 1: All you gotta do is just to visit ( ) click here

Step 2: It will ask you to "CREATE" or "TRACE" URL, Just type a name of a popular link (better to use and click on CREATE url.

Step 3: Now they will provide you a link which has to be given to the person who you want to trace.
(That link will be displayed on the webpage below the line which says) -

Give this link to your recipient:

 The URL will be placed just below this line. Just copy the URL and send it to that person.
And after the URL, the access code will be given. Save it.

Step 4: Once the person clicks the link he will be directed towards the "popular link". Until then you can again go to ( ) click here/

Step 5: Now type the access code which will be given to you and hit "Trace URL", done!!
You've got the IP address of that person. Now you may go to sites like ( click here/‎
here you can type the IP address and find his location!

That's it! All happened within a matter of time without known by the person!

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