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Thursday, 20 September 2012

How to use internet without a web browser or if your browser crashes...

Well with one more awesome trick i am back to you..!! Well 1st of all let me tell you this things that this trick works on only windows xp, so i am really very sorry to any other user but still ya all can read this for a bit of more knowledge. :)

So let us begin..!!

Step 1 : All you have to do is after connecting the internet, open calculator. (click start,all programs, accessories and open the calculator)

Step 2 : After opening it ;  click on HELP option.

Step 3 : Then on help topics. A new window will open on it (help window) right click on it and choose "Jump to URL" option.

Step 4 : And here you go..!! Type the URL on which you want to go but dont forget to type http://....

That's all..!!!
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