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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to find the location of a person to whom with you are talking to on facebook

There are hundreds of people who have a fake id on facebook. Many people fight or abuse in a facebook chat. So the question arises in your mind "damn..!! how to find the location of this person??" 

Well....... i 've got a trick for ya....   let us begin...!! 

(Tip : Before starting this trick, make sure that you have only facebook's tab open and you are chatting with that person. Also delete the history of your web browser.)
[ Note : In this trick ; we will be doing this trick by getting an IP address of the person who's location you want to find out, this trick will only work by using a computer. ]

Step 1 : Click on start menu, open command prompt. (type cmd in run option)

Step 2 : Type netstat -an (give a space after typing netstat)  in command prompt. 

Step 3 : After typing netstat -an ; hit enter. You will see all the IP's of the established connections...

Step 4 : Note  all the IP's (IP's are the Internet Protocal address which will be numbers for e.g. 198.256.125 or 165.125.784 etc) The ip address will be on the third row which consists of numbers. 

Step 5 : Now go to sites which help to find the location using IP (go on sites like IP tracer , what is my ip etc) After going on these sites, type the IP address; you will get the persons location. (you can note all the ip and straightaway and type them one by one, it is obvious that one or the other ip will have that persons location) 

Congrats..!! Now you can find the location of the person with whom you are talking to on facebook..!! This means no creep can mess with you on facebook. :) 

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